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Lafayette Hotel - Real Marietta Haunt

  • 101 Front St.
  • Marietta, OH
  • (740) 373-5522
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The strange happenings that occurred at this hotel include footsteps and voices heard in empty hallways and rooms, appliances turning off and on by themselves, doors opening and closing on their own and luggage and furniture being moved around the rooms. Guests and employees of the hotel have both seen misty apparitions in the corridors, along with a ghostly maid wearing a black dress who has been seen on different occasions.
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  • S Durward Hoag Watched Us on our 2nd Floor Balcony

    My friend and I booked a 2nd floor balcony room in the summer. Beautiful old hotel. My friend has gypsy blood and has felt and seen ghosts her whole life. This was different. As we sat on our balcony over the river having wine & snacks for dinner, she looked up and saw a man smoking a cigarette & watching us from a 3rd floor window above. She was annoyed by it as she thought that he was real, and nosy. She said that he was baldish or with very short hair, muscular and wore glasses. He watched us for quite a while. The next day when we went to check out, she mentioned to the woman at the front desk that the man in the room on the 3rd floor watched us and she didn't appreciate it. The front desk clerk just smiled and said that there was no one staying on the 3rd floor at all last night. My friend was shocked. She said that it did not even cross her mind that it could be a ghost as he didn't look like an apparition but like a live man. Then as we walked down the hall to leave, she glanced at a picture on the wall and said "Sh#t, that is the guy!" It was S Durward Hoag, the former owner. :O)

    Posted 4/28/23

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  • A woman sitting between us

    A friend and I stayed on the 3rd floor, can’t remember room number, but we wrote it down in the book downstairs. We slept with our backs to each other. I woke up in the middle of the night and wondered why Kerry was sitting up in the middle of the bed towards the end. I can’t remember all the details, but I definite saw who I assumed was Kerry. But it didn’t make much sense. I just went back to sleep. In the morning I ask her why she was sitting up in the middle of the night. She said she wasn’t. She thought it was me! I never believed in this stuff even though I had a strange experience as a teenager. It was very real. How could we both imagine the same thing and never talked about it till the next morning?

    Posted 1/8/23

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  • Room 332

    Stayed in room 332 with my mother this past weekend. Not sure if this was an appliance issue or something more, but the heater kept making an odd sound unlike anything we had heard before. It was almost like a scratching and pounding. It kept us up all night. We didn't know it was allegedly haunted until the next day either.

    Posted 4/10/22

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  • My Fav Hotel!

    Stayed here numerous times. Room 304: Felt like something/someone was watching me the entire time! Completely freaked out. Room 349: Heard random dog barking sounds, emf device went bonkers(something for sure was following my wife around), my flux response device had several times where "someone" answered it immediately, all kinds of strange sounds, lights flickering, captured some wild stuff on my evp recorder, hallways and elevator are freaky too. I've had workers tell me strange occurrences as well. People talking to themselves in the lobby, saw some random lady sit on a chair outside my room for an hour! Didn't say a word- never looked away- creepy! This entire city is haunted! Strange people all over the place. Gorgeous river views, great food in town, ghost tours, plenty to do for a couple days. We stay at the Lafayette twice a year minimum. Love it. When you visit- say hi to Mr. Hoag for me...

    Posted 1/19/22

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  • Room 347

    Stayed last nite in room 347 . My gf snapped 2 photos of me inside the old phone booth . You can clearly see 3 ghost images behind me in the photos . I went to the restaurant alone for a drink at 1030 PM . Going there and back was an over wealmibg feeling of someone following me . I kept looking back but nobody was there . I get back to my house and unpack . Candles are lite in my house when I walked into my door. I live completely alone and lit no candles before leaving for the hotel stay.

    Posted 4/26/21

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  • Haunted elevator experience

    When we first arrived we were given a room on the third floor so we pushed the button to go up on the elevator. The elevator took us to the lower lobby instead, which is supposed to be haunted. There was no one there when the doors opened either. Then, it took us to the 2nd floor for whatever reason. Again, no one was there when the elevator doors opened. I asked the clerk on Friday if we were the only guests because it was so quiet that night before and she said we were the only ones. ?? I captured an orb in a photo in the lower lobby. I also get the feeling of being watched when walking around the third floor.

    Posted 2/14/21

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  • Night of frights

    Our night of terror is over we had a couple supernatural experiences and spent a little part of the time afterwords watching a ghost haunting documentary video which was really interesting. We had room 209 and they referenced a room in the hotel 203 which is just down the hall from us. It was 1:00 AM when I was awoken by Tracie who was in a fearful state. This is Tracie’s rendition “I thought Michelle was messing with the lamp while I was sleeping. I thought how rude why would she be doing this! Then when I looked over there was nobody there and the light was still flickering on and off! That’s when I woke Michelle up because it was freaking me out.” So I wake up and Tracie tells me in a horrified , frightened voice that this floor lamp is going on and off all by itself! She flies under the covers And screams “I’m so scared I wanna go home!” A few seconds later I see it go on and off three times myself before she says you have to record it. I shot the video and watched it go on and off two additional times before Tracie begged me to unplug the lamp… She couldn’t she was petrified in place. Shortly after unplugging the lamp Tracie is trying to get some sleep and I’m looking at the bedside table and her phone is getting bright and getting dim, getting bright getting dim, getting bright and dim. seriously! so I asked Tracie does your phone typically do this? LOL NO, it does not!that’s about the time we searched for videos about the hotel hauntings and it eventually lolled is to sleep LOL… Enjoy the short Video. I also captured the image of a woman and a young boy and his dog in the coat closet on the main floor. An acquaintance of mine who is a medium back to the shop and said that they were killed and that they do not know they were no longer living.

    Posted 6/24/20

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  • Creepy

    We stayed in room 401 on the 4th floor. At 12:30 am the light came on in the bathroom, but unfortunately it was because they have dimmer switches and it wasn't completely shut off. Yet.. the video my daughter captured shows the light flickering, getting brighter, shutting off, and finally dimmed. She claimed she was teasing the "ghosts" before the event took place. At one point we were on the creepy old elevator and I was poking fun about the ghosts while the elevator door where closing, and suddenly the door slammed back open with no explanation. There is a definite high creep factor to this hotel. On the 3rd floor walking around you feel like someone is watching you or behind you. There is a great back story to this hotel surrounding when the original Hotel Bellvue and the fire that took 13 lives from people on the 3rd and 4th floor. This Include lost souls for the people jumping from the windows to escape the flames. Bystanders stated that they would hear a sinister thump as those people hit the ground and perished. Also something to note there was a flood after a hurricane Ivan when the Ohio River swelled. Ultimately "YES" this hotel is supper creepy, and I would love to walk around it during the night if it was completely empty. It is a great hotel in general with allot of character and the staff are amazing. This place even has a Starbucks inside of it. Marietta, Ohio is nice to visit and local area stores are a great experience. The River views from the hotel are amazing.

    Posted 3/1/20

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  • The Lafayette

    There are many stories about this hotel from seeing people to noises to strange events. The 3rd floor is supposed to be the most haunted. I have stayed there several times my strangest occurrence was when a whole sheet of wallpaper measuring about 10x10 came down one night while we were asleep and no one heard it. That is a large piece of wallpaper. Another time I was there I walked around a corner to someone looking out a window and they were suddenly gone. I thought it was just something I thought was a person or reflection until i went downstairs and heard another guest at the front desk talking about people seeing things.

    Posted 11/1/19

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  • I am scared to come back

    I was with my cousins and I didn’t believe in this at the time how ever I asked in a serious voice if there was anything one here with me right now on the 3rd floor and I heard really loud bang on a door behind me and I looked back and saw a light flicker twice I asked was that you and the light flickered one last time

    Posted 10/7/19

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  • Yes!!

    Checked in exhausted room on 4rth floor, had luggage and things strewn around in the room. Left the entertainment center open and fell asleep. Woke up at 6 am, entertainment center was closed, all my stuff was neatly organized. Took a shower, went to comb my hair comb was pulled out of my hand and thrown across the room. Sounds day and night, misty apparitions, voices, crying from downstairs ladies room. Love this place!

    Posted 10/1/19

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  • Awesome

    I’ve always been one two believe in ghosts and same with my mom. We came out to check out colleges and stayed on the 4th floor. Figured with how old it was it definitely had some spirits. Only in certain areas did I feel anything and I got one picture with orbs in it which deleted from my phone which I don’t know how? One of the nights I got a really weird feeling and I started to fall asleep around 1:30ish and had a very light sleep only to be awoken in complete panic for no reason I was not dreaming or anything I was awoken at3:00 I was very tempted to wake my mom but I let her sleep after that I couldn’t sleep so I started going on my phone and got a stabbing pain in my back which is highly unusual. I could feel something eerie and so I looked over to see the closet door and bathroom door open which were shut. Super creepy! Will definitely be back

    Posted 7/10/19

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  • I am a believer

    Looking for a hotel in the area I went to book our reservation but then found these stories. We decided to go ahead and stay and we stayed on the 3rd floor. We were in the Hoag addition. Our first night got up around 3:00 am and went to the bathroom. I did not flush since I didn't want to wake up my husband. I got up again around 6 and heard water running. I first thought it was someone taking a shower next door but then realized it must be the toilet. I jiggled it to make it stop running but nothing happened. I went back to bed, woke up my husband in the process of pulling up the covers and then the toilet flushed. First not sure why the toilet was running when I had not flushed it and weird since I didn't flush it and even if I did why it took that long to flush. The front desk said it sounds like Mr. Hoag since he likes to do pranks. I didn't say anything about this to the hotel but the next night I kept the bathroom light on. Around 6 am I was asleep on my side and woke up because it felt like two fingers started poking me on the side of my hip and I heard a humming noise from my phone. I was too afraid to open my eyes and started yelling for my husband. He woke up and poked at me because he thought I was having a nightmare. I said I am not asleep! At that time everything stopped. I tell myself maybe it was a dream but I could really hear and feel everything. I was beginning to think I was crazy! So odd that the toilet was running when I didn't flush it; even if by jiggling it why did it take so long to flush? And maybe I was having a nightmare but I don't remember having dreams where I could really feel and hear something. So just odd. If you stay just watch for weird things...it could be a ghost!

    Posted 5/27/19

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  • It’s Haunted, nice hotel, great restaurant

    Traveling alone for work, needed a hotel and booked the first one I found near me online, not knowing anything about it but the name/address. As soon as I step into the hotel I immediately think, “this place seems to have a really strange vibe.” I couldn’t get over it as I checked in and went to my room, so I called my friend to tell him about the feel of this place, he laughs pretty hard at my situation as he looks up online that the hotel, is in fact, haunted. I’m pretty creeped out so I decide to take NyQuil and sleep with the TV on and the twist-knob-bedside-light twisted off. Fell asleep hard thanks to the NyQuil around 8:45. Around 9:15 I wake up to a loud thud either from above my room or by the hallway door. It jars me awake and I abruptly sit up and hear nothing else. Then I realized the TV was turned off, the bedside table was turned on, and my suitcase, (previously unzipped on its back on the floor) was sitting zipped on its wheels. I was out of the room and in the car within 15 mins. Had I been with a friend or traveling for pleasure not business, I would have loved to have stayed to experience whatever else may have happened.

    Posted 3/20/19

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  • Anniversary haunting

    My boyfriend and I stayed at the Lafayette hotel for our anniversary Oct.2017. I heard it was haunted, but did not put much into it. It was everything I thought it would be. Absolutely gorgeous! Nice bar, beautiful room, and breath taking scenery. First night there we did not hear ,or see anything. The second night we went to Lafayettes Halloween Party in the Ball room. It started to get late . We had drunk alot , and spent enough money. We decided to go back to our room on the second floor. My boyfriend was tired , and fell asleep fast. I myself was scrolling through my phone laying beside him. It was pitch dark in our room. I hear a man's voice clearing his throat on my boyfriend's side of the room. I look in his direction with my light on my phone holding it up. I see no one. I'm thinking okay. That is not Brian's voice. Then a few minutes later again. At this point , I'm a little freaked out! So, I immediately wake Brian up, and tell him. It was hard for me to sleep that night. Lafayette is definitely Haunted! I would stay there again though. I am not one to be scared off easily.

    Posted 7/31/18

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  • Is there a room in the hoag addition that stays locked?

    Anyone with info. Just a strange moment.

    Posted 5/14/18

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  • Child running in the hall

    About 1:30 am, I heard a kid run fast down the hall. I woke up my friend and asked if she heard the running. NO! About 5 minutes later, we heard a child's giggle. Must have been kids right? When I asked the front desk manager if kids had stayed last night, she said, No. No kids until the weekend. She asked us what floor we were on and we said the 3rd floor. Apparently a kid haunts the 3rd floor. The noise was a real as if it was a live person. Great place to visit.

    Posted 4/29/18

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  • Halloween Pranks

    Last Halloween, my fiancè and I decided to book a room at the Lafayette. When we first entered the hallway to the rooms, we both felt as if we were being watched.. I tried to brush it off since we had gone knowing the hotel was haunted. I thought maybe it was our imagination. On the night of the hotel’s costume party, I was getting ready in the bathroom while my fiancè was watching tv on the bed. He asked me where the hair brush was to begin getting ready. Since I had not seen it in awhile, he began looking EVERYWHERE. He tore apart the room and even checked the car for the brush without avail. Since I was still getting ready myself, I told him to relax and I would help him when i was done. He sat down on the bed and watch tv againfor a few minutes.. until he looked besides him and saw the hair brush.. shortly after that, I head a loud bang behind me in the shower. I ran out of the bathroom as fast as I could. We also took several pictures that had orbs.. and even with a man’s beared face looked out from the bathroom. Crazy!

    Posted 4/1/18

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  • Being Nice To The Spirits Got Us A Upgrade

    We stayed at the hotel last year for our anniversary. We read it was Haunted,so when we got to our room we told the spirits we were there to have fun and we welcome them in our room. Well play started and so did the rain. It came down by the buckets. We didn't care. Until the Lightning strike. It hit somewhere very close knocking out the power to the air conditioning and elevator. Our air conditioning was the only one affected in the whole building. Hotel management upgraded us to the PENTHOUSE. We thanked the Management and the Spirits. The View from the PENTHOUSE is really nice. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. All I can say is it pays to be nice. THANK YOU Lafayette Hotel

    Posted 3/2/18

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  • It’s haunted AF.

    So, we get to our room. It feels weird. My bf thought that’s just bc it’s old, but it felt strange to me. It was a little dirty. It just felt so outdated and weird. I said it felt “effing haunted.” I felt weird after I said it. I decided to call down to the front desk, but the phone shocked me so hard I dropped it. We decided to leave the room. When we were walking downstairs to get our money back, there was someone directly behind us. No one was there, but the footsteps were. Whatever the hell it was, followed us as we left. Once we go out to the car, I googled the hotel and found out it really is haunted. Never again, lol.

    Posted 2/1/18

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